Giant Dandelions!!!

Giant Dandelions!!!

WP Dandelion edited 1I love nature and all it’s wonders.  Just when I think I haven’t seen it all, something goes and surprises me again.  Today I took a little hike through Oak Creek Canyon.  I love Oak Creek Canyon.  I never tire of it’s sights and scents.

Today I found as I walked along giant dandelions that were roughly the size of a baseball.  I did attempt when I came home to find out what the flower was before it went to seed but was unable to obtain the information.  I just wanted to pick every one and wave the in the air like I was 5 again!  It made me feel so excited to see something in my own backyard that I had never seen before, even year after year.

WP Burnt Log PatternAs I trekked along, I was saddened by all the trees that had fallen victim to the summer fire of 2014, however when I looked closer there was yet another wonder.  There were amazing carvings in the dead wood that Mother Nature herself had created.  I was astounded by this.

WP 411 Leaf 1Finally I found this lone little leaf growing under a rock ledge.  I couldn’t help but photograph it.  It did remind me of the little 411 herb, however I’m certain that the climate here won’t support it.  Again I wish I was better at being able to figure out different plant and tree names, but for now, I’ll just settle for having an amazing time, being clueless and enjoying all the spectacular sights that nature has to offer.

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