Captain America Sunhat – Geeky DIY

I had so much fun making this hat.  I was surprised at how easy it was!  I picked up the hat whilst my kids and I were in Vegas for Spring Break.  We went to one of their dollar stores and I couldn’t believe they had these large sturdy sun hats for only $2 each!  […]

Neverending Story Book Cover – Geeky DIY

Neverending Story Book Cover – Geeky DIY

Supplies Paperback copy of The Neverending Story Piece of copper color fabric about twice the size of your paperback Piece of sturdy cardboard to cut to fit front, back, and spine of book E6000 glue Modge podge 1 inch ball of brown polymer clay Filigree stamp (I used Stampin Up! Always Elegant stamp set). Can […]

Polymer Clay Auryn From The Neverending Story – Geeky DIY

Supplies Grey polymer clay Tan polymer clay Small slivers of red polymer clay Small slivers of green polymer clay Polymer pointy tool Polymer ball tool Glaze (optional) Parchment paper (optional) For this tutorial I’m going to refer you exclusively to the video below.  It would be very difficult to explain in words how I did […]

Deadpool Office Swag – Geeky DIY

Hey there fellow GeekTubers! Here is the written list of what I used for each project on the video parts one and two!  Enjoy! And if you guys make these send me a pic to my Crafty Amino, or Instagram accounts! Crafty Amino – Instagram –   DeadPool Pencil Bag [media-downloader media_id=”88″ texts=”Printable […]