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profile pic 2 MLTL squareHello! I’m so glad you have found your way here!  You can call me Rose.

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If you are new and want to know what this is all about keep reading!  I’d like to share a little bit about why I created this site and the brand MakeLuvToLife, and what this all means for you.

To understand that, you need a little bit of my back story.

I was raised for the first 30 years of my life in a strict religious upbringing.  I had loving parents, and strong role models in my life, but it was a stringent and rigid life of rules and guidelines that I believed were instituted by God to make me happy.

One day I woke up miserable, hated everything about my life, including myself, and I almost did a slim tango with the Mr. Reaper himself.  Luckily I didn’t (and that’s another story for another time,) but needless to say, I miraculously broke away from the cult I was raised in, and began to experience my life in a whole new way.

I feel like my life had just started at the age of 32.profile pic 6 MLTL rectangle

Over the course of several years I began to really immerse myself in any activity I participated in.

Without restrictions or boundaries, I felt more joy and bliss than I ever had in my entire life.  I experienced absolutely more happiness than I ever did when I was living the religion I had been raised to believe was truth.

I did have some struggles with feeling terrifying anxiety this God I had come to know, was going to strike me down or abandon me for all eternity because I was sinning by drinking wine, or indulging in that outfit I would have previously been forbade to buy and wear.

The self therapy I employed to get over these programmed anxieties was to get in touch with being in the moment and using all my senses.  I began to really feel my way through what ever activity I was engaged in.  I experienced true sensuality for the first time ever.

This way of sensual living has become my religion now.

profile pic 4 MLTL squareMy truth now resides in following my heart for what resonates best within, and living a passionate and full life.  Which in essence means,  following my bliss, and then indulging all my true God given senses into whatever superfluous activity I am experiencing as if it were love making itself.

So stick around for awhile.  Let’s share some adventures together.

This blog specifically focuses on the essence of living a passionate and sensual life through every day activities.

Specifically there will be a lot of fine food, Arizona based nature exploration, photography, and the fun and adventures of life for an unconventional polyamorous family on a day to day basis!

Oh and not to forget that you might get a healthy dose of my philosophies on life and how you too can live a blissful and sensual life no matter who you are!

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