Crimson Peak Movie Review

Crimson Peak Movie Review

crimson peak movie posterIt’s been a long while since I’ve been so excited for the release of a movie. I have been anticipating this movie since I saw the first trailer about 3 months ago.

A movie by Guillermo Del Toro, also the director of Pans Labrinth and Mama, the film follows his characteristic style of suspense, bitter sweet story plots, and of course spindly bone chilling creatures from the other side.

The story centers around a handful of characters with the main being Edith Cushing played by Mia Wasilowska. Mia gives a stunning performance playing the young naïve romantic aspiring author who falls in love with Sir Thomas Sharpe played by the ever gorgeous Tom Hiddleson. Edith meets Sir Sharpe when he travels from England to America with his only family, his sister Lady Lucille Sharpe played by Jessica Chastain. Sir Sharpe is in America to petition Edith’s father for funding to help forward the construction of a mining machine that he has engineered.

Crimson-Peak-Movie-starring-Tom-Hiddleston-and-Mia-WasikowskaSir Sharpe woos Edith and they eventually marry, return to Allerdale Hall, his family’s estate, which Edith learns later is called Crimson Peak. Once they arrive, the plot thickens, the suspense builds, and the real fun begin!

The story set in1890’s England and America has a gothic steampunk feel, and showcases amazing costuming, music, and vernacular from this era. Being a fan of this historical era I must admit I was extremely impressed with Del Toro’s seamless blending of combining many details reminiscent of this era, and still keeping it fast paced and thrilling enough to satiate a modern audience. Truth be told this was about 50% of the reason I was excited to see this movie being a huge fan of Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, and Frankenstein. If you are as much a raging fan of these literary classics as I am, you will LOVE Crimson Peak!jessica-chastain-in-crimson-peak

Overall I would give this movie a nine out of ten! The actors gave amazing performances, the creepiness factor was off the charts, the story was compelling, and the set designs, music, and costuming were simply exquisite. And the story had a great ending! I do knock off one star because personally I felt the ending was just a wee bit anti-climactic. I had hoped to see conflict with the ghosts nearing the end. Without giving the ending away, I had also hoped to see the antagonists suffer a bit more of a bitter fate.

All in all though, those are very minor plot changes. As a story creator myself, I would have liked to have seen some things done different. Even still from beginning to end I found that this movie was thoroughly entertaining! I’ll definitely be purchasing the Blu Ray when it comes out!

Have you seen the move? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below.

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