Meet The Crew

So you want to know more about me?  Well if you stick around a bit you are going to learn quite a bit about me and the family just through my weekly blog posts.  In the mean time here’s a little snippet about me and the family!

profile picMe! – MB Rose

Call me Rose.  By day I’m a wife times two, mother 7 times over, grandmother, entrepreneurial blogging homemaker.  By night I’m a corset lovin, stilleto heel wearing, cosplay adventuring, Mistress.  And 24/7 I am a sensuality seeker!

Mother of 7 children, and 1 grandbaby; 6 of the 7 are still at home.  My maternal influence ranges over my children whose ages range from 2 years old to 21.

I’m an openly bi-sexual woman who is wife to my life partners and spouses, Robert and Amy.  I don’t hide this with anyone I meet.  We are extremely open and candid about our very crazy family circus and unconventional life, because I believe if I want people to accept ‘me’ for ‘me’, then I better be the first one comfortable with me!

So without further ado meet the loves of life, my best friends, and my crew!



My hubby! My love! My prince charming!  Are you all mushed and gushed out yet?  OK, OK, I’ll stop now… We have been together 18 years and have 5 beautiful children together, whom you will meet in a moment.  Ro-Bear loves indulging in all things Celtic and celebrating his ethnic heritage in Scotland.  He is working on his bachelors degree in history.  And he loves to enjoy the sensual experiences of smoking his pipe on the porch after a hard days work as a professional fine dining waiter, playing a good game of D&D, and a good romp in the hay with his bonny lass. (Yes that’s me!)


The other love of my life for the past 5 years.  My wife and I have 2 beautiful children together whom you will also meet.  She has a sensual love of geeking out on games, kicking my yellow belt ass with her brown belt bad ass’ness, and hiking the outback wilderness of Arizona.  Together we are still learning that popping the baby out doesn’t automatically mean kids come with an instruction manual, and stumbling through the adventures of motherhood together in a unique way.


IMG_2240The oldest child in the family, Mo-Mo is 21 and soon to be expecting her second baby; and our second grandchild.  She lives with her husband and their wife in a polyamorous family very similar to ours.  She works as an insurance agent and mom by day and creates sensual bath and body products for her Etsy store by night.



Taizy is the oldest teen in our house.  She has a zest for life that even I could take a lesson from.  She sings like Taylor Swift, plays guitar like a rock star, and loves animals.  You can usually find her hanging with friends or helping me out by modeling for my IG account.




If you need to know about Minecraft, my son has you covered!  He is an aspiring YouTube celebrity with Captain Sparkles and Tobuscus being his primary heroes at the moment.  He has his own little company called ‘Awesome People Inc’.  He loves school!  Does great in nearly all subjects, and responds to the affectionate nick-name, ‘Red Headed Stepchild’.


The next up and coming inventor of all things, and probably the next Bill Nye, we are never lacking for science experiments in our home.  Also master Lego builder, my personal gardening assistant, and not half bad a baker as well!


My step daughter and aspiring singer, Pixie got this nick name because she was such a tom boy when I first met her, I wasn’t sure if she was a boy or girl.  I just called her pixie.  She has had cute pixie short hair ever since!  Aspiring baker, and anime fanatic too!


Very much like his older brothers he loves all things Lego and Minecraft.  He is also my little archery and bowling buddy.   There are often times he can score over 100 on the lanes or get closer to the bullseye when I don’t!


My other step baby and THE baby in the household, My-My is my little snuggle face.  He loves school, being read to, and peanut butter and jelly!  He also loves the ladies and the little ladies at school love him.  And who can blame him with those killer eyes!

IMG_20150807_133715780-01Luna and Toby

Our furry babies and family puppies.  Luna is our Rotty & Sheperd mix and is proudly in training to be a service dog.  Toby our North Highland and Yorkshire Terrier mix is always working hard to maintain his big dog complex.


**Disclaimer – To respect the privacy of my children, (because hey they are people too – even if littles), I have obviously used nick-names for each of my family members.  If you would like to re-post or distribute any content involving any of my family members, PLEASE email first for permission.  Thank you.