Holiday DIY – Left Over Valentine Candy DIY’s

Holiday DIY – Left Over Valentine Candy DIY’s


Picture Frame

  • A picture frame
  • White spray paint (only needed if you don’t like the current color of your frame)
  • 1 – 16 oz bag of small converstation heart candies
  • a glue gun
  • acrylic spray or modge podge


Start by taking out the cardboard backing and the glass so that all you’re left with is just the frame

I used Rust-Oleum white gloss spray paint. Make sure you are in an outdoor well ventilated area.  Check the back of the can for the humidity and temperature conditions because if they aren’t right the paint will actually bubble up and it’ll look kinda bad.

When your project is dry you can just glue the conversation hearts onto it. If you have little indents on your frame like I did you’re going to have to use a little extra glue. I chose to put them in the rainbow color order but you can do this however you would like.

When you are done gluing the candies, take it back outside and spray several layers of gloss acrylic coating on. You could also paint on regular modge podge if you don’t want to use spray acrylic coating. Either is fine to preserve your candies.


  • 1 piece of poster board any color
  • 1 piece of white foam board
  • 2-3 – 18 oz bags of LARGE conversation heart candies
  • glue gun
  • Xacto knife
  • Spool of 1″ thick ribbon
  • 1 yard of 1/2″ thick ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • acrylic spray or modge podge

IMG_20160211_160637544-01With a piece of poster board cut out a heart shape the size that you would like your wreath to be. Use this as a template to trace onto the foam board.

Cut out the outer and inner edges

Before you get started, take a little time to sort your candies into piles of good and bad. I didn’t have this problem with the little hearts as much as the big ones. But if you are using big ones, it really helps to pick out all the damaged ones first.

Once you’ve sorted the candies, go ahead and glue them on in whatever pattern you would like!

We are going to create two layers of candies around the wreath, so go ahead and cover the entire bottom layer in candies. This layer is the one to use some of the candies that might be a little more damaged.

Once you’ve finished the first layer. Begin to create a second layer filling in the bigger holes where the foam board really shows through. Use the nicer candies for the second and top layer.

Once again, take your project outside and with the clear acrylic spray or modge podge coat the wreath several times so it has a nice shiny look.

You also want to pick out three separate heart candies that are really nice looking. We’re going to use these to embellish the wreath later on. IMG_20160211_160645304-01

While your wreath is drying you can make the bow. So what I did is this; if you want your bow to be about 6 or 7 inches wide, cut 3 strips of ribbon approximately double that. So for me I cut 3 pieces 15 inches each. Then just take each piece and glue the ends together to form a loop.

Take a loop and pinch it in the middle. Then with a needle and matching thread, stitch this together. You’ll repeat this for each loop and then stitch all 3 pieces together.

If you want a tail for your bow, cut a piece the size you would like and stitch that into the bottom part of your other three pieces.

Shape out the bow the way you would like it, and then glue a small connector piece around the middle to hide your stitching.

To finish the edges, just fold the ribbon ends in half and cut diagonally. And then your bow is done.

Now that the wreath is all dry, we are going to glue on the embellishments. Turn the wreath over and glue three pieces of ribbon to the back and then glue these three pieces to your candies that you coated with acrylic spray or modge podge.

Glue a small loop of ribbon to the back. Use a generous amount of glue and glue a small piece if card stock over the ribbon to give it extra reinforcement so it will hold the weight of the wreath appropriately.

Now just glue your ribbon on and you are done!

Candle holder

  • One short glass vase, jar, or mason jar
  • painters tape
  • small piece of cardstock to create a heart shaped template
  • xacto knife and cutting mat
  • a can of spray paint – in the color of your choice
  • some conversation heart candies to fill your jar
  • a glass tea light holder
  • a tea light
  • some ribbon to tie around the top (optional)

IMG_20160211_162132509-01Create a heart the size you would like to use on your jar.

Take 4-5 strips of painters tape and place them on your cutting mat. Trace the heart onto the painters tape and cut this out with an xacto knife.

Place this heart sticker onto your glass candle holder. I chose to line the inside of the glass to prevent paint from getting in there, but you can also spray paint the container upside down instead. I’m just kind extra tedious about my projects. Yeah I’m like that…

So if you’ve never spray painted glass before, first thing to do is read the back of the can and make sure it says it will work on glass. When you go to paint your container you’ll want to do several very thin layers. Luckily each layer only takes about 10 minutes to dry. You’ll want to do this until you reach the color you want.

Once it’s all dry, remove the tape, add your candies to the inside and the tea light on top, tie some ribbon around if ya like, and you are done!


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