Neverending Story Book Cover – Geeky DIY

Neverending Story Book Cover – Geeky DIY


  • Paperback copy of The Neverending Story
  • Piece of copper color fabric about twice the size of your paperback
  • Piece of sturdy cardboard to cut to fit front, back, and spine of book
  • E6000 glue
  • Modge podge
  • 1 inch ball of brown polymer clay
  • Filigree stamp (I used Stampin Up! Always Elegant stamp set). Can buy on eBay
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Xacto knife or polymer clay blade for trimming
  • Polymer clay glaze satin or gloss
  • Auryn pendant (see this post for video and instructions on how to make one)


  1. Lay the book down on the cardboard and trace out a piece for the front, back, and spine.  Cut the cardboard out.
  2. Lay the cardboard pieces down on the fabric leaving about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch around all 3 pieces.  Leave about 1/4 inch between each of the inner pieces to ensure space for the book cover joints.  Mark with a pencil around the book about 1/2 inch with a pencil and ruler, and make little marks where the pieces will go back down after you pick them up to apply glue later.  geeky diy book cover008
  3. Glue the cardboard down to the fabric using the markings as a guide for where to replace the pieces.  Turn it over and smooth out all creases. geeky diy book cover013
  4. Now cut the corners leaving just a few mm of fabric away from the cardboard corners.  Glue the edges down.  If needed work the corner edges around the tops of the cardboard to make them even and smooth. geeky diy book cover012geeky diy book cover014
  5. Wait for about 20 minutes for the cover to dry a bit.  Now apply glue to the spine first.  Then glue the book into the cover.  Apply glue to both ends and fold the book up and in place.  If you measured correctly and double checked everything along the way, this should go smoothly and fit in place really well. geeky diy book cover015
  6. Lay the book aside to dry.


  1. Cut the polymer clay ball into four smaller parts.  Roll out each one to about 1/8 inch.  Place the stamp down with the rubber part face up.  Gently press your pancake into the corner part. geeky diy book cover002
  2. Remove from the stamp and trim the edges so that it forms into a corner brass fitting type shape.  Do this for all four pieces then bake according to your polymer clay package instructions.geeky diy book cover003
  3. Once they are dry, embellish paint into the grooves of the filigree pattern.  Do this in a bit of a messy way so it creates an antique look.geeky diy book cover004
  4. When all the pieces are dry, glaze them with a satin or gloss finish.
  5. Glue the corner pieces onto the cover with a thin layer of E6000.
  6. Glue on the auryn pendant.  Click here for the blog post and video to create your own!geeky diy book cover006

geeky diy book cover005

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