Galaxy Vase or Jar – Geeky DIY

Galaxy Vase or Jar – Geeky DIY


Galaxy Vase/Jar

In all my geeky crafting I’ve never done anything galaxy themed… I have to say I’m hooked!  I loved this project.  It was so much fun and it was SO inexpensive and easy!  If you give this a try, don’t forget to send me a pic to the hash tag on Instagram – #marybrose

So with that, Let’s Get Geeky!

Supplies Needed

  • a basin able to hold about 3-4 inches of water (this needs to be something you do not care about it getting ruined because it will be once you are done with this project!)
  • galaxy colored nail polish – I used navy blue, light purple, and magenta colors
  • a vase or jar
  • black spray paint – gloss or matte
  • white spray paint – gloss or matte
  • wax paper
  • disposable kitchen gloves
  • optional – silver ribbon
  • optional – acrylic sealant spray


1.  In a well ventilated area, take your vase or jar and lightly speckle or dust it with black spray paint.


2.  Once your vase or jar has dried completely, take a basin and fill it with 3-4 inches of water.  The basin needs to be big enough to lay your jar in sideways.  Pour as much of the finger nail polish into the water as you would like on your project.  Then quickly after pouring the fingernail polish in tap the jar into the paint medley lightly, lift straight up, rotate, then tap back down again.  Repeat this process fairly quickly before the nail polish has time to settle to the bottom of the basin

Image4 Image5





Image7 Image8







3.  Before you are done take a moment to scrape off the excess paint off the bottom of the project so that you have a flat bottom when the paint dries.


4.  Lay the vase aside to dry on a piece of wax paper. Once the vase has dried you can take it back outside and dust it very lightly with white spray paint to create the star effect.  I did this by holding the can of spray paint about 2 feet away from the project.  and very quickly moving it across the surface.  Practice on a piece of cardboard first to get the technique right before doing it on the vase/jar.

I did try to flick white nail polish on with several brushes but didn’t quite have much luck with that so I opted for the spray paint dusting which worked really well and was super fast!

Image11 Image9






Galaxy vase for pinterest


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