Captain America Sunhat – Geeky DIY

I had so much fun making this hat.  I was surprised at how easy it was!  I picked up the hat whilst my kids and I were in Vegas for Spring Break.  We went to one of their dollar stores and I couldn’t believe they had these large sturdy sun hats for only $2 each!  I bought three of them with a geeky project in mind for each one!  This is the first one I did to also commemorate the launch of Civil War… I’m only a wee bit excited for this movie!  Anyway, hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Supplies Needed

  • one white sun hat
  • red, white, and blue gloss acrylic paint
  • red and blue permanent markers
  • paint brushes and supplies
  • duct tape
  • star template – [media-downloader media_id=”157″ texts=”Star Template 1″] [media-downloader media_id=”156″ texts=”Star Template 2″]

cap hat 1



  1. Cut out the star template that fits on the top of your hat.  Place duct tape on the star and tape it to the top of the hat.  Outline with a blue permanent marker the star and the blue ring.  Remove the star template.




Image42. Paint in the blue areas to create the blue ring.





Image53. Outline with a red permanent marker the inner red ring and the outer red ring, also inadvertently creating the white inner ring.





Image84. Cover the bottom of the brim with duct tape to prevent the red paint from getting everywhere and bleeding over into the white ring.






5. Paint the inner and outer ring with red paint.





Image116. Once the hat is dry, go back and retouch any bare paint spots you may have missed.





Image107.  If you accidentally got red paint on the white ring, not a problem, just touch it up with white gloss paint.




cap hat 4 touched up

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