Haunted Hotel Jerome Grand Hotel

Haunted Hotel Jerome Grand Hotel

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To anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I absolutely love and adore everything about Halloween!  I love to visit the quaint little town of Jerome just up the hill from my own hometown.  The entire town gets into the spirit of the Halloween season.  All from regular haunted history walks, to decorated buildings, Jerome is just a kick!The Jerome Grand Hotel has an amazing restaurant attached to it called The Asylum.

Jerome Grand Hotel 1For years now, I thought that the Grand Hotel was actually an asylum back in the mining days of the town, but upon doing some research learned that this is not the case.  Before becoming a hotel however, it was the local hospital.

1445895256273In 1926 the building was constructed and named United Verde Hospital.  In that time it was actually a state of the art medical facility.  The hospital eventually closed in the 1950’s due to the town’s main lively hood shutting down; the copper mining operations.  In 1994 the Altherr family purchased it, and turned it into The Grand Hotel.

Many people who have stayed at the hotel have reported that it’s haunted.  There have been reports of hearing a 5 year old child running down the hall on the 3rd floor (maybe they have seen The Shining too many times…) and also reports of hearing a baby crying on the 3rd and 4th floor when no babies were checked into the hotel or present.  People 1445895220211have smelled strange odors such as flowers, cigar smoke, and baby powder.

In April of 1935 a hospital maintenance man by the name of Claude Harvey was found dead beneath the Otis elevator.  Police suspected murder but nothing conclusive came of the case.  Current hotel staff have reported hearing coughing and sneezing, as well as seeing ghostly figures and shadows, and it’s widely speculated 1445895354640that it’s Harvey still “at work”, doing maintenance.

If you read my previous blog post Crimson Peak A Movie Review then you’ll know I’m a huge sucker for steampunk, turn of the century fashion, and Gothic horror, so I absolutely adore the old time feel of the Grand Hotel and Asylum restaurant even if its decor boasts more of a 1920’s feel.  I love that during Halloween they decorate the entire hotel!1445895063261

The hotel sits perched high above the city on Cleopatra Hill, and offers spectacular views.  In fact the day that I went up there to explore and do a photo shoot, a small rain storm had just moved through and left behind this stunning view of the valley arched by a beautiful rainbow!

1445894891766The hotel construction is also pretty impressive.  The hotel is 5 stories, one of the highest structures in the Verde Valley, and the last major building to be constructed in Jerome.  It’s 30,000 square feet built on a 50 degree slope!  Even for today’s that is quite an engineering feat!  Not only that, it was built to be fire proof, and earthquake proof because of it being constructed to withstand 260,000 lbs of dynamite explosions.  This because of the mining operations in the lower part of the town.1445895135064

If you ever make your way through Northern Arizona, make sure to include a day in Jerome, and visiting The Grand Hotel!  It’s a must!1445895173812 1445895312826 1445895416550

If you’d like more information, take a look at these fine sites.  They give more in depth information about The Grand Hotel in Jerome Arizona.  Clicking on the link will take you directly to The Grand Hotel page info for that site! (I do try to stay on top of changes, but if you discover a link that is not working, please let me know! Thanks!)


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  1. Today the Jerome Grand Hotel currently provides 23 fully restored, modern rooms, with more rooms available in the future as the hotel continues to renovate. It is Jerome’s only full service hotel with its own bar, restaurant, gift shop, and 24-hour front desk.

  2. While it operated as the United Verde Hospital and later became the Jerome Grand Hotel, many alleged hauntings have occurred. Due to the high level of activity in the hotel, it is a quite popular destination for amateur ghost hunters”.

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