Portal Inspired Bookends – Geeky DIY

Portal Inspired Bookends – Geeky DIY


This geeky DIY was super easy.  It was only time consuming in the waiting for things to dry before moving on to the next step.  The most difficult part was cutting out the foam board.

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What You’ll Need For This Project

  • 2 bookends
  • 2-4 pieces of cardstock to match your bookends
  • 4″x4″ piece of white foam board
  • Something circle shaped to use as a template to create the portal rings
  • Acrylic paints – I listed the exact ones I used below but feel free to change it up to whatever brand you want to use
    • Orange – Apple Barrel Gloss – 20359E Pumpkin Orange
    • Blue – Apple Barrel Gloss – 20348E Tropical Blue
    • Silver – Folk Art Metalic – 662 Sterling Silver
    • Black – 661 Sequin Black
    • Gloss modge podge
    • E6000
    • toothpicks, Xacto knife, cutting mat, and printer

Optional Supplies

  • Spray Paint – I just happened to have black bookends and white spray paint so this was easier for me.  If you can obtain bookends in the base color you need that would be ideal, but if not, you will need to spray paint them in the base color of either black or white
  • Painters tape if spray painting
  • You’ll need a portal logo template.  You can use this one here [media-downloader media_id=”21″ texts=”Portal Logo Guy”] or create your own.


Part ONE

  1. If needed cover your bookends in painters tape and spray paint them.  If you want your bookends to stay the color they are, you can obviously skip this step.
  2. Download the portal guy logo template [media-downloader media_id=”21″ texts=”here”] or create your own. If you create your own just make sure it fits inside your portal rings/bookend size.  Print this and cut it out.
  3. Trace this onto the 4×4 foam board.  Line up the straight sides of your guy when you trace it. This will make cutting easier. IMG_20160107_133608478
  4. Now we are ready to cut it out. Make sure to hold the blade straight up and down as much as possible, so you don’t make the same mistake as I did. My first cut the piece was too angled and didn’t look right.  Also when cutting rounded edges, I found using a little straight up and down sawing motion to work the best.
  5. Now we’re ready to paint it. You should have 5 pieces.  If you do it exactly like mine, then the back half of the guy will be painted blue.  This is 3 pieces. The front half of the guy will be painted orange. This is 2 pieces.  Set them aside to dry.

portal guy 2



Part TWO

  1. Use whatever item you would like to create a guide for making your portal rings. I used the inside of my painters tape.  You need to create an oval. First trace only the top half of the circle, then shift the ring down and trace the bottom half of the circle. From here you just fill in the open sides with your pencil to create an oval.  Free hand an inner circle and some little portal accents. This doesn’t have to be perfect because we are going to cut it out and paint it. IMG_20160107_133621777
  2. Paint one layer of gloss acrylic paint on each ring and let it dry.  Remember to paint one blue and one orange.
  3. Here is what the bookends should look like after the tape is been removed. (Pending you painted them.)
  4. Lay your bookends on the edge of the table with a piece of card stock underneath and trace around the edge. When you are done, cut this out. Trace 3 more like this and cut those out.
  5. Take your portal rings, which should be dry now, and lightly trace an inner circle on 2 of the four pieces of card stock, you have just cut out. Then paint the inner circle grey or silver.
  6. Using a cheap dollar store brush, fan out the bristles and lightly dab paint on them to create your portal swirls on IMG_20160107_133541928the grey circles..  Let this all dry before going on to the next step.
  7. Add some modge podge to the back of the rings and glue them on to off the card stock with the silver painted circles on them.  If the little points come up, just apply a little extra modge podge to the outside of the ring.


  1. With E6000 glue the cardstock pieces onto the bookends. Use some craft paper folded up to act as a barrier between the bookends and the cardstock when you apply your craft clips to hold it in place while it dries.IMG_20160107_144930387
  2. Assemble the portal guy on the side that will have the head.  To get the floating head effect, take a small piece of card stock that matches the color of your bookshelf and glue one side of the card stock to the head and the other side to the shoulders.
  3. Then with a toothpick apply a small amount of glue to the sides of your portal guy pieces and glue them to the inside of the portal rings.

And that does it! You are done! IMG_20160110_161830375




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